"Automatise surveillance report generation"
What is AMASS?
"AutoMated tool for Antimicrobial resistance Surveillance System (AMASS)" is an open-access, offline application to automatically generate AMR surveillance report using microbiology data and, if avaiable, hospital admission data. 
Key Features of AMASS
1) Save time and efforts needed to generate AMR surveillance report
2) Open-access (can be downloaded for FREE; AMASS is under CC-BY 4.0)
3) User-friendly (no prior experience in statistical software is needed to run)
4) Offline (can run in a standalone computer and without internet in a local hospital)
What AMASS does?

AMASS cleans, de-duplicates, and analyses data to automatically generate an AMR surveillance report. Please visit tutorial page for a detail guide on how to use AMASS. The R code of AMASS application is also provided within the AMASS application download package.

Figure 1 : A local hospital can independently generate AMR surveillance report from AMASS by saving raw microbiology and, if available, admission data in the folder and double-click on the AMASS icon. *Decision to share the report with national/international AMASS committee is based on hospital's jurisdiction.

Latest News

10 Jan 2024
AMASS version 3.0 (BETA) updated to build 3026.
04 Dec 2023
AMASS version 3.0 (BETA) Build 3022 is now available to download
16 May 2022
AMASS version 2.0 is now available to download
AMASS v2.0 additionally generates reports on notifiable bacterial diseases in and on data indicators (including proportion of contaminants and discordant AST results)
25 Mar 2021
AMASSplus is now available to download
AMASSplus is an extension of AMASS version 1.1 that has an additional report on eleven selected notifiable bacterial diseases.
21 Jan 2021
AMASS version 1.1 is now available to download
AMASS 1.1 fixes a typo in the R codes of the AMASS 1.0 that caused inaccurate estimations of the proportion of non-susceptible isolates of E. coli and K. pneumoniae for ampicillin