"Ease of AMR surveillance"
What is AMASS?
"AutoMated tool for Antimicrobial resistance Surveillance System (AMASS)" is an open-access, offline application to automatically generate AMR surveillance report using microbiology and hospital data sets. 
Why AMASS is developed?
Quantification of health burdens attributable to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in hospitals poses a number of challenges. The challenges include that microbiology and hospital admission data are often stored in different databases, both databases require substantial cleaning before surveillance reports can be generated, and data analysis can be time-consuming and complicated. An isolate-based surveillance report can be generated from microbiology database alone, but is difficult to stratify by infection origin, especially when hospital admission data are stored in a separate database. Sample-based surveillance report and mortality of AMR per infection origin are important for understanding the AMR burdens. However, both require complicated data processing and analytical procedures. 
Here we developed an offline application that can de-duplicate, merge, and analyze raw microbiology and hospital clinical data sets to automatically generate AMR surveillance aggregated data and reports. 
What AMASS does?

The AMASS application cleans, de-duplicates, and merges raw microbiology and hospital admission data sets to automatically generate an AMR surveillance report. Please visit tutorial page for a detail guide on how to use AMASS. The R code of AMASS application is also provided within the AMASS application download package.

Figure 1 : Hospital can independently generating AMR surveillance report with offline AMASS application by just provide raw microbiology and admission data in its folder and click to run AMASS. Decision to share the report with national/international AMASS committee is based on hospital's jurisdiction.

What News?

09 Jul 2019
New version available
Beta-version-12022019 of AMASS application is open-access and can be downloaded by click on "Download Now!" or from FigShare to your thumbdrive or hospital computer.
09 Jul 2019
AMASS Google group created
You can join AMASS Google group by click on "Join AMASS group"